Casa Talía

The structure is composed of small houses, restored with natural and typical Sicilian materials, which frame a Mediterranean garden.

Relax, comfort and charm

All the rooms have exceptional charm and comfort, a panoramic view of the historical centre and their own private terrace and independent entrance from the main garden. Everywhere there is a Mediterranean atmosphere, experienced through sensations and colours, from West to East. Spending a few days in Talia means a holiday alternating between total relaxation in the garden, historical and artistic adventures and simple walks on the desert seashores under the Mediterranean sun.

The Name

The Sicilian word “Talía” means “Look! Admire!" and admiring is what you do as soon as you enter the garden. It is impossible to be indifferent to the beautiful view.


"Fui giovane e felice un'estate, nel cinquantuno. Ne' prima ne' dopo: quell'estate. E forse fu grazia del luogo dove abitavo, un paese in figura di melagrana spaccata; vicino al mare ma campagnolo; metà ristretto su uno sprone di roccia, metà sparpagliato ai suoi piedi; con tante scale fra le due metà a far da pacieri, e nuvole in cielo da un campanile all'altro, trafelate come staffette dei Cavalleggeri del Re... Che sventolare, a quel tempo, di percalli da corredo e lenzuola di tela di lino per tutti i vicoli delle due Modiche, la Bassa e la Alta; e che angele ragazze si spenzolavano sui davanzali, tutte brune. Quella che amavo io era la più bruna."
da Argo il cieco di Gesualdo Bufalino


The word “Talía” though, has other meanings. It comes from the Greek verb “Thallo” which means to flourish, to prosper and to be luxuriant. In ancient Greece, Talia was one of the nine Muses, Apollo’s followers, known for comedy and burlesque poetry.

The Philosophy

Slowliving is the concept behind Talía:

to enjoy the sweet running of time,
to leave behind the daily rhythms of the city.


Here is to wake up to the discovery of a world in which time is measured only by the light of the sky, by sounds and colours. Only this!


Talía is the ideal place for people who want to take a regenerating break and who wish to be enveloped by the fragrances and flavours of this land and to contemplate the wonderful landscape in a peaceful atmosphere.

New! Luxury Villa and Country House few minute from Cefalù.