Casa Talía

The structure is composed of small houses, restored with the use of natural materials typical of the Sicilian tradition. In every room there is a Mediterranean atmosphere, offering an ideal journey through the sensations and colours from East to West, all set in and around the lush and cooling greenery of the gardens.

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Relaxation, comfort and charm

The rooms all with panoramic views of the ancient city are equipped with every comfort, independent access from the garden and a terrace. Spending a few days in Talía means choosing a holiday alternating between moments of total relaxation in the internal garden, historical-artistic tours or simple walks on the deserted beaches nearby, each enabling guests to revel in the slow pace of Sicily under the Mediterranean sun.

Why the name "Talía"

Talía, from the Sicilian "look, admire!" is the inspiration that pervades anyone who visits the gardens. One cannot remain indifferent to the panorama that unfolds before them:


"I was young and happy one summer, in fifty-one, neither before nor later: that summer, and perhaps it was the grace of the place where I lived, a country in the shape of a broken pomegranate, close to the sea but a small spur of rock, half scattered at his feet, with so many stairs between the two halves to act as peacemakers, and clouds in the sky from one bell tower to the other, breathless as relays of the King's Cavalrymen... What to wave at that time of percale from linen trousseau and linen sheets for all the alleys of the two Modiche, the Bassa and the Alta, and that angels girls were hanging out on the windowsills, all brunettes. The one I loved was the most brown."


from "Argo the blind man" of Gesualdo Bufalino


The word Talía also has multiple meanings besides the dialectal one. It derives from the Greek verb thallo which means to flourish and to be flourishing. In Ancient Greece Talía was one of the nine Muses - the followers of Apollo - and represents comedy and playful poetry.

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The Philosophy

The philosophy of Casa Talía is slow living. Slow living


savours the sweet passage of time,


inviting us to let go of the busyness of daily life and simply be present in the
moment and in tune with the subtle rhythms of everyday existence.


Here is to wake up to the discovery of a world in which time is measured only by the light of the sky, by sounds and colours. Only this!


At Talía the awakening is the discovery of a world apart, where time is punctuated only by the light of the sky, the sounds and the colours, nothing else. Ideal for those who like to take a break to regenerate, be pampered by the scents and flavours of this extraordinary land or contemplate the beautiful landscape immersed in the silent morning atmosphere.

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